Special Notice:

Due to ongoing tribal and political tensions in Ethiopia, the activity at the Gondar Center is frozen until further notice. We hope to return to operations as soon as the situation will stabilize. We would be happy to have you join us at any of our other centersClick to read more.

Volunteer in: Gondar, Ethiopia

About the Center

The Project TEN Center in Gondar, Ethiopia was the first TEN Center to open in 2012. Located in the second largest city of Ethiopia, the center opens its doors to groups of participants throughout the entire year.

Join our team of volunteers to support the local population's needs and take an active part in developing the region. You will be engaging with the community of Gondar, implementing much-needed educational, agricultural and public health projects, ranging from basic literacy, to sustainability and agricultural development.

The TEN Center in Ethiopia is maintained by a Center Director and Project Coordinators. The Coordinators are year-long volunteers at the center, many of whom are alumni from short and long-term program tracks. The center staff is available 24-7 for anything you need during your trip.

While living in the center, you will engage in unique volunteer projects and educational activities, giving you hands-on experience while developing skills and connections that will remain with you for a lifetime. You will have the opportunity for self-exploration while forming your identity on a personal and communal level.

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Participants live in shared dorms with 3-5 people per room. The facility contains a communal kitchen and dining room, as well as shared living spaces.

Men and women have separate dormitories.


The food supplied by the center is strictly vegetarian, locally purchased to ensure freshness. While we maintain a kosher-style kitchen, there is no local kashrut authority and therefore products are not supervised.

Shabbat and Holidays

The program welcomes religious and non-religious participants. All of the activities organized on Shabbat or Jewish festivals are suitable for those who observe religious practices, however each participant is free to observe Shabbat in their own way.

Each week we arrange kabbalat Shabbat activities and share a festive meal.

Explore Ethiopia

Participants of the TEN Center in Ethiopia will have a unique opportunity to explore the local areas and attractions, including the Simian Mountains, Volcanic Lake, Bardaha Lake, and Lalibella. In addition to the daily volunteer projects and learning components, volunteers will get a chance to explore the flavours, music and unique local culture. Tour the country, experiencing sites of historical and cultural significance, and hiking the beautiful landscapes. Participants will have the opportunity for additional travel during free weekends.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our participants is always our number one priority. Our centers are approved by the Jewish Agency’s Security Department and are regularly monitored by 24 hour security guards.

In addition, we ensure that all of our directors are first aid trained, with immediate access to a full first aid kit. Hospitals and medical centers are located in the city, and a car is always available for transportation.

Project TEN is committed to continually reviewing and updating our safety procedures in order to protect volunteers and staff from harm. 

Volunteer Projects

The TEN Center in Gondar, Ethiopia operates projects in three main areas: informal education, sustainable agriculture and public health.


  • Educational program for Intestinal Parasite Control – in collaboration with the Nala Foundation.
  • Oral hygiene awareness, with the Humble Smile local NGO.
  • Supporting the elderly and mentally ill by providing activities in shelters.
  • Working in Gondar Hospital, providing activities for children on long-term stays in the pediatric ward.


  • ADMAS Leadership Group and Youth Movement - installing leadership skills to young adults, who stand out intellectually and academically in their schools. The group members are provided with sessions to cultivate their leadership potential and implement community activities.
  • Young Engineers - enrichment program, designed by an Israeli company, which provides knowledge and practical implementation in science and technology using Lego kits.
  • Computer skills education for kids and adults - TEN volunteers teach basic computer skills to groups of children, teachers, as well as local workers involved in areas such as tourism.
  • English as Second Language (ESL), taught according to the national curriculum.
  • Bridge of Hope - enrichment activities for youth and children at risk.


  • Facilitate access of smallholder farmers to seed of the highest-quality vegetable varieties suitable for their needs together with Fair-Planet.
  • Supporting school's curriculum in biology, geography, nature and science.
  • Creating opportunities for Agriculture Technology.
  • Providing the tools for farmers to increase their knowledge of local agricultural trends and enhance their crops.Educate young people to focus on environmental issues.

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Local Need

Ethiopia, in Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the world's poorest countries. According to the UN, about 29 per cent of the population lives below the national poverty line. The mostly rural population lacks basic social and economic infrastructure such as health and education facilities and access to safe drinking water, and is vulnerable to harsh climatic changes such as drought.

Located in the Amhara Region, north Ethiopia, Gondar is one of Ethiopia’s poorest cities. 

Local Partners

  •   NALA Foundation

NALA is a non-profit organization affiliated with The Center for Emerging Tropical Diseases and AIDS at Ben-Gurion University, Israel and the Infectious Disease Control Programs in Africa. NALA’s goals are to Fight Infectious Diseases and Overcome Poverty particularly in Africa. In Ethiopia, NALA developed a comprehensive program - integrating health education and mass drug administration for deworming large populations in Ethiopia. NALA's intervention programs consist of Health Education, Mass Drug Administration, Capacity Building Workshops, Trainings, Water Supply and Sanitation, Monitoring and Evaluation. NALA has developed programs that are built around volunteers. The volunteers’ main role is the reinforcement of health education as part and parcel of tropical disease eradication program. For more information see: www.nalafoundation.org

  •   Fair Planet

Fair Planet is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase food security and provide new economic opportunities for the millions stuck in poverty. Fair Planet is engaged in a unique and long-term technology transfer process. They are are facilitating access of smallholder farmers to seed of the highest-quality vegetable varieties suitable for their needs and training the farmers to use these seeds with minimal changes to their traditional production practices. Trained farmers will gain the opportunity to grow and sell significant crop yields and will benefit from economic growth. In collaboration with the University of Gondar, Project TEN is conducting research to identify the types of produce that will provide the most sustainable crop production in the region. For more information see: fairplanetseeds.com

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Special Notice:

Due to ongoing tribal and political tensions in Ethiopia, the activity at the Gondar Center is frozen until further notice. We hope to return to operations as soon as the situation will stabilize. We would be happy to have you join us at any of our other centersClick to read more.