After the damage of Hurricane Beatriz, Project TEN - Cadena Mexico Center volunteers have worked hard to help the victims in San Jose Ozolotepec and Santa Maria Ozoltepec…

Early this summer, Hurricane Beatriz caused severe damage to many coastal regions of Mexico. Principal bridges and roads on  the coast of Coaxaca were damaged, the main roads of Ozolotepec were destroyed, and hundreds of families had no form of communication. Since then, Project TEN - Cadena has worked hard to help the people of these damaged areas.

For the past month, volunteers worked hard in two towns close to Oaxaca, San Juan de Ozolotepec and Santa María de Ozolotepec. Despite difficulties they faced to get into the community due to the damage from the hurricane, they were finally able to enter with the military’s help.

In the communities, the TEN volunteers were able to deliver 600 personal hygiene kits, 600 water purifiers, 600 water buckets, 600 blankets, 1800 cans of fruit, and 4 bags full of clothing. Their work was incredibly beneficial to hundreds of hurricane victims in Mexico and does not go unnoticed.