Working together with Ugandan women, a group of volunteers at our BRIT-TEN Center independently founded "Mirembeh-Handmade Uganda" to help the women support themselves and their families…

Mirembeh-Handmade Uganda sprouted from within the poverty and lack of resources we identified during our time volunteering in Uganda with women from low socioeconomic backgrounds. We worked closely with the local women, many of them single, uneducated, unemployed and therefore lacking the resources to feed their families, let alone send their children to school. As part of our volunteer service, we not only focused on women empowerment and practical skills such as Math and English, but dreamed to establish a stable source of income for the local women, in order to help them defeat the cycle of poverty they can not otherwise escape. 

In an effort to broaden their skill set, we introduced a professional local woman to teach the groups of women we worked with how to make unique handmade crafts, such as jewelry and baskets. Each product is made from local raw materials that are both accessible and financially appropriate for these women. Slowly, the women began to excel at making these products. We realized that while the market in Uganda is limited, we could bring these beautiful and unique items to a new and larger market, right here in Israel, ultimately establishing an income for these otherwise unemployed young women.

We began to plan and worked hard to make this dream a reality, but for this social initiative to really take off, we need a little bit of help. In order to bring the first shipment of products from Uganda to Israel, we've opened up a Headstart to raise the initial funds. Take a look at what Mirembeh-Handmade Uganda is all about here and meet the women who have worked hard to bring these individual products to the Israeli market. 

Each donation "buys" you a present as well - choose from the various options and enjoy the beautiful jewelry and baskets that we hope to bring to the wider public with your help. 

Thank you in advance for any active part you can take in helping these women defeat the fate of poverty that they've been thrust into!