Together with many of our Israeli and international friends, Project TEN enjoyed celebrating our five year anniversary last week in a festive reception…

Last week, we had the pleasure of celebrating five years of Project TEN! Together with many of our Israeli and international friends, we enjoyed a night full of inspiring talks, good food, music, and great company! 

With several fascinating speakers including Natan Sharansky, The Jewish Agency's Chairman of the Executive; Ayoob Kara, Israeli Minister of Communications; Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, member of Knesset; and several prominent Israeli philanthropists and businesspeople, we were truly able to celebrate the spirit of Project TEN together. 

Along with these great speakers, we had the pleasure of hearing stories from a panel of past participants and center coordinators. With past and current participants from Mexico, Ghana, Uganda, India, Ethiopia and Israel attending, this event was a great way to truly see, not only the impact our volunteers have on the communities they are helping, but also the impact the centers leave on our volunteers forever! 

Project TEN is looking forward to celebrating many more years together in the future!