As the school year began, our volunteers started the "ED-empowerment Program" that aims to introduce informal education methods to local schools, providing new tools and methods of teaching to the teachers, and transmitting the content to the students...

The program focuses on Math, English and Literacy. Project TEN-Brit Center volunteers have been going to different educational establishments around the areas of Kampala and Wakiso District, such as:          

  • "Little Light"- a nursery/primary school in the Namuwongo slum of Kampala, founded by locals that saw the need for basic accessible education for the children from the nearby area.                      

  • "PCCP"- People Concern Children Project, a local informal school in a poor village of Kampala - here we teach English to P2 and Math to P3.

  • "Mother Mary" Primary school - here we teach Math to P3 and P4.

  • "Namulanda Model" Primary school - here we teach English to P1, P2 and P3.

  • "Nazareth" nursery - here we teach English in middle and top class.

We also started planning and implementing the Leadership program, a new concept in Uganda. This consists of a two-year program guiding young and bright teens to develop leadership qualities and values of social activism. We will soon establish the first group with students from "Hope Secondary School". Other than these new programs, our volunteers have continued working in "Bright Kids" Orphanage on Sundays, engaging in fun educational activities.