Project TEN creates sustainable projects in developing communities. In each of our centers, we work closely with local partners. We value humility, providing assistance that the community wants. We know that understanding the local culture is a long process. 

In order to promote sustainable agriculture we initiate the following projects in our centers around the world:

Oaxaca, Mexico

Project TEN volunteer projects take place predominantly in the community of Pluma Hildalgo. Our aim is to empower and support the local community through self-sufficiency, health education and informal programming for the community's youth.

Sustaibable Agriculture Projects in Oaxaca include:

  • Understand the local areas’ natural conditions and the natural risks.
  • Research the best ways for an agriculture system that provides nutritional food and food sovereignty.
  • Establish an experimental platform for the project, the communities and the center’s use. 
  • Work together with the communities in purpose to establish an agriculture system that fits their different needs.
  • Educate the communities to use the natural resources while saving the environment and to live a risk reduced way of life.
  • Educate the communities to continuity.

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Gondar, Ethiopia

Project TEN volunteers in Gondar work to increase the resilience of local communities in the field of education, agriculture and health.

Sustaibable Agriculture Projects in Gondar include:

  • Educate young people to focus on environmental issues.
  • Supporting school's curriculum in biology, geography, nature and science.
  • Creating opportunities for Agriculture Technology.
  • Providing the tools for farmers to increase their knowledge of local agricultural trends and enhance their crops.

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Winneba, Ghana

Project TEN volunteers in Winneba work to increase the resilience of local communities in the field of education, agriculture and health.

Sustainable Agriculture Projects in Winneba include:

  • Developing a community poultry farm and teaching community members about nutrition and how to raise poultry with self-sustaining business practices.
  • Experiential learning with children regarding agriculture, biology and nature.

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Harduf, Israel

Project TEN volunteers in Harduf implement projects within Kibbutz Harduf and the surrounding Bedouin communities of Kaabiya and Zarzir. Our goal is to promote coexistence between these distinct communities while providing them with opportunities for ecological living and informal educational programming.

Sustainable Agriculture Projects in Harduf include:

  • Work in the organic farms of kibbutz harduf. One of the primary producers of organic food in Israel.
  • Learn about agricultural processes and ecological options for pest control
  • Eating food they have self-produced.
  • Work in forest of Shaar Ladam – bio dynamic garden, ecological buildings (dormitories etc, group activity rooms, ecological bathrooms).
  • Building new paths/roads toward the center.

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