• Nir Lahav Director, Social Activism Unit, The Jewish Agency for Israel Nir Lahav left his successful career in business to work in the non-profit world in Israel as Program Director of the Joint Distribution Committee's "It's a Deal," in which at-risk youth learn entrepreneurship skills. In 2006, Nir started working at The Jewish Agency as director of the Youth Futures program, which provides critical services to middle-school children in Israel's socio-economic fringes. After the Second Lebanon War, Nir led a Jewish Agency initiative to provide rehabilitation services for children in war-torn areas in Israel.
    For two years, from 2009-11, Nir moved, together with his wife, Dalit, and their three children, to the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda, which provides a warm, supportive environment for children who had been orphaned in the country's horrific civil war. While Nir served as Interim Director, Dalit worked as a volunteer doctor, their two younger children attended the village school, and their oldest child performed volunteer service before joining the Israeli army.
    In 2011, Nir returned to The Jewish Agency to launch and direct Project TEN.
    Nir holds academic degrees from Tel Aviv University Law School and from Pomona College in California, and also studied at the Mandel School of Educational Leadership in Jerusalem, focusing on the areas of unemployment and youth.
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  • Yarden Zornberg Project TEN Director Yarden Zornberg has been project Ten's director since its founding in 2012, by The Jewish Agency for Israel. Since his appointment, Yarden has been responsible for the establishment and ongoing development of six Project TEN centers worldwide. Yarden oversees all activities of the TEN Headquarters and Centers, including strategy and planning, staff training, fundraising, marketing, and participant recruitment. Prior to his employment with The Jewish Agency, Yarden served as a National Director for “Acharai”, an Israeli NGO that empowers youth at-risk, imbuing them with critical life skills and providing them with the tools to study for and pass high school matriculation exams. Yarden has worked extensively with under-served populations in Israel including Bedouin and Druze communities, and facilitated joint activities for Palestinian and Jewish children, aiming to bridge gaps and promote tolerance and understanding between the different cultures.
    Yarden holds an MSW in Clinical Social Work from the University of Haifa, a BA in Psychology from Ben Gurion University, and a certification in Group Facilitation. One of his main passions is exploring the world, and he has traveled to over 45 different countries.
    Yarden lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Yael, and three-year-old son, Amir.
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  • Dafna Dgani Project TEN Director of Education Dafna joined Project TEN with extensive experience of more than a decade in the fields of social and environmental activism, experiential education and Jewish community building. Her professional experience includes service-learning project development at the "Hava & Adam" eco-educational center, serving for half a decade as a Jewish renewal community coordinator, running social activism programs for youth and at-risk communities, and as an intern at the Israeli Knesset in the field of social, environmental and animal rights legislation. Dafna brings her love of spirit and Jewish wisdom to creating a meaningful educational experience for the Project TEN participants, as well as a comprehensive training process for each of our staff members. Send Dafna Dgani an email Call Dafna Dgani: +972-2-620-2683
  • Daniel Aschheim Project TEN Director of Marketing and Public Relations Daniel was born in Jerusalem, where he still lives today. Daniel holds an MA with honors in European Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He holds a BA from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) as part of the Argov Fellows honors program in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. Daniel was awarded the Israeli President's Annual Award for his work in the field of Student Council work. In the past Daniel interned at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv as a Social Policy Advisor to Ambassador Gould as well as at the Knesset, dealing with legislation, lobbying and Knesset committees. Daniel also represented Israel in Austria as part of a program of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also worked as Concierge at the King David Hotel and as a Senior Trainer in the business, public and education sectors of the Debate-Vayomar company. Send Daniel Aschheim an email Call Daniel Aschheim: +972-2-620-2683 Follow Daniel Aschheim on Linkedin
  • Hagar Yaacobi Project TEN Volunteer Coordinator Hagar arranges the logistics for all the TEN volunteers, processing applications, organizing the screening process, answering questions, helping with visa and vaccination information, and generally making sure that the volunteers get safely and smoothly to their TEN Center. Before joining The Jewish Agency, she performed training, logistics management, and customer care management for Israel's national electricity company; she is thrilled to now be working for a program that directly helps people. Hagar performed her IDF service in an infantry unit on the northern border, where she was responsible for all operations in the "war room," and reached the rank of sergeant. She lives in Jerusalem and is currently completing her BA at Israel's Open University, where she studies Economics and Management. Send Hagar Yaacobi an email Call Hagar Yaacobi: +972-2-620-2683