Volunteer in: Namulanda, Uganda

About the Center

The BRIT-TEN Center in Namulanda, Uganda opened its doors in September 2016, joining our partners BRIT who have been working there for the past ten years. Located in the small town situated between Kampala and Entebbe, the center opens its doors to young Jewish participants from Israel and all over the world, throughout the entire year.

Join our team of volunteers to support the local population's needs and take an active part in developing the region. The volunteers will concentrate on sustainable development and infrastructure work for communal in the fields of education, healthcare, agriculture, and the arts. Amongst other things, the volunteers will run healthcare projects in poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Kampala and will work in elementary schools in nearby villages. They will also help create a local youth movement and develop a leadership group that will receive intensive training in technology and education. The first group of Volunteers arrived at the center in September. 

The BRIT-TEN Center in Uganda is maintained by a Center Director and Project Coordinators. The Coordinators are year-long volunteers at the center, many of whom are alumni from short and long-term program tracks. The center staff is available 24-7 for anything you need during your trip.

While living in the center, you will engage in unique volunteer projects and educational activities, giving you hands-on experience while developing skills and connections that will remain with you for a lifetime. You will have the opportunity for self-exploration while forming your identity on a personal and communal level.

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Participants live in shared dorms with 3-5 people per room. The facility contains a communal kitchen and dining room, as well as shared living spaces.

Men and women have separate dormitories.


The food supplied by the center is strictly vegetarian, locally purchased to ensure freshness. We maintain a kosher-style kitchen, and supervised food products may be easily purchased in local supermarkets.

All meals are prepared by the center volunteers.

Shabbat and Holidays

The program welcomes religious and non-religious participants. All of the activities organized on Shabbat or Jewish festivals are suitable for those who observe religious practices, however each participant is free to observe Shabbat in their own way.

Each week we arrange kabbalat Shabbat activities and share a festive meal.

Explore Uganda

Participants of the TEN Center in Uganda will have a unique opportunity to explore the local areas and attractions, including the beautiful Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, the exciting Queen Elizabeth National Park, the unique Lake Victoria and glorious Rwenzori Mountains. In addition to the daily volunteer projects and learning components, volunteers will get a chance to explore the flavours, music and unique local culture. Tour the country, experiencing sites of historical and cultural significance, and hiking the beautiful landscapes. Participants will have the opportunity for additional travel during free weekends.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our participants is always our number one priority. Project TEN is committed to continually reviewing and updating our safety procedures in order to protect volunteers and staff from harm. Our centers are approved by the Jewish Agency’s Security Department.

In addition, we ensure that all of our directors are first aid trained, with immediate access to a full first aid kit. Hospitals and medical centers are located in close proximity, and a car is always available for transportation.

Volunteer Projects

The TEN Center in Namulanda, Uganda operates projects in three main areas: informal education, sustainable agriculture and public health.


  • Educate to hygiene, healthy and risk redacted way of life.
  • Training a local persona to give basic health care in the communities.


  • Muse Uganda – Arts Educational Center is an innovative educational program for disadvantaged youth. The program is based on cutting-edge Ugandan and Israeli knowledge and experience in the areas of arts education, social entrepreneurship and social responsibility.
  • The program also includes a boarding school facility providing the youth with a safe and protective home during their study period and an adjacent medical clinic.
  • Little Light - Empowerment work with a group of youth and women at a community center. 
  • Leadership Group - Young adults, who stand out intellectually and academically in their schools are provided with sessions to cultivate their leadership potential and implement community activities.
  • Working in Kindergardens and Elementary Schools with young children. 
  • Come True - Working with Sudanese Refugees


  • Garbage Sorting - experimental platform to reduce garbage pollution for the communities and the center’s use. 

Local Need

Former British colony Uganda, was prosperous at independence in 1962. However, the country was brutalized under the chaotic regimes of Milton Obote and Idi Amin, when as many as 800,000 Ugandans were murdered.

The country faces many challenges today, despite the economic growth in the last few years. The rural population lacks basic social and economic infrastructure such as health and education facilities and access to safe drinking water.

Local Partners

Brit - Global Change Makers

BRIT is a collaboration between the infrastructure and knowledge of several partners – summarized under the project name brit – Global Change Makers (www.brit-globalchange.org).

The organizations behind BRIT are:

  • Brit Olam

Brit Olam International Volunteering and Development is an Israeli public association established in 2005. Their activities include developing and executing community-based development programs to reduce poverty and vulnerability in developing countries, as well as providing relief and rehabilitation projects in states of humanitarian crisis. Brit Olam leadership is composed of practitioners and academics in the field of development and civil society as well as concerned citizens from the Israeli business and diplomatic sector. Members and activists come from diverse fields, including education, law, medicine, psychiatry, social work, clinical psychology, business, community development and international development. For more information see: www.britolam.org

  • The Israeli Volunteer Association

The IVA is a nonprofit organization that is woking for 40 years, operating various volunteer programs.  Promoting solidarity, equality and social justice, the IVA enables young people from all cultures and religious to engage in meaningful volunteering work, endowing them with social and professional skills.

Since 2013, the IVA operates a program for International volunteers. For more information see: www.volunteer-il.co.il

  • Inspiration – Arts for humanity

Inspiration – Art, Leadership, Social Change was established in 2011 and deals with developing and training artists as entrepreneurs and social activists leading change. Based on an understanding of the leveraging power of the arts, as a platform and a path towards social change, the goal of Inspiration is to endow artists with the knowledge, training and tools to enable them to translate their abilities into activities that can have a measurable impact on the social needs in Israel and across the world. For more information see: www.inspirationarts.org

  • Tag

Is an international development charity that deploys unique humanitarian expertise and proven social models to create sustainable solutions for developing countries

  • IGI

IGI works with the Israeli expertise using it to provide answers for the developing World. The project explores what the Israeli experience teaches about overcoming development challenges.

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