Volunteer in: Kibbutz Harduf, Israel

About the Center

The Project TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf, Israel opened in 2013. Located in a beautiful forest in the western Galilee, the center opens its doors to groups of participants throughout the entire year.

Join our team of volunteers to support the local population's needs and take an active part in developing the unique Jewish and Arab co-existence nature of the region. You will be engaging with the community of Kibbutz Harduf and other local Jewish and Bedouin populations, implementing much-needed educational and agricultural projects, ranging from language training to sustainability and agricultural development.

The TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf is maintained by a Jewish and Arab co-Center Directors and Project Coordinators. The Coordinators are year-long volunteers at the center, many of whom are alumni from short and long-term program tracks. The center staff is available 24-7 for anything you need during your trip.

While living in the center, you will be part of a self-sustainable community dedicated to conservation and ecology. As part of the rich educational curriculum, participants will be also given language classes in Hebrew and Arabic. You will engage in unique volunteer projects and educational activities, giving you hands-on experience while developing skills and connections that will remain with you for a lifetime. You will have the opportunity for self-exploration while forming your identity on a personal and communal level.

Participants of the TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf are eligible for Masa grants.

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The center is located in the forests of Harduf. Participants live in shared dorms with 3-4 people per room. The facility contains shared ecological bathrooms, communal kitchen and dining room, and outdoor areas.

Men and women have separate dormitories.


The food supplied by the center is strictly vegetarian, locally purchased to ensure freshness. We maintain a kosher-style kitchen, and supervised food products may be easily purchased in the local grocery store.

All meals are prepared by the center volunteers.

Shabbat and Holidays

The program welcomes religious and non-religious participants. All of the activities organized on Shabbat or Jewish festivals are suitable for those who observe religious practices, however each participant is free to observe Shabbat in their own way.

Each week we arrange kabbalat Shabbat activities and share a festive meal.

Explore Israel

Participants of the TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf will have a unique opportunity to explore Israel, gaining real insight into the diverse populations that make up Israeli society. In addition to the daily volunteer projects and learning components, volunteers will tour the country, experiencing sites of historical and cultural significance, and hiking the beautiful landscapes. Participants are encouraged to use free weekends for additional travel.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our participants is always our number one priority. Project TEN is committed to continually reviewing and updating our safety procedures in order to protect volunteers and staff from harm. Our centers are approved by the Jewish Agency’s Security Department.

In addition, we ensure that all of our directors are first aid trained, with immediate access to a full first aid kit. Hospitals and medical centers are located in close proximity, and a car is always available for transportation.

Volunteer Projects

The TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf, Israel operates projects in two main areas: informal education and sustainable agriculture.


  • Jewish-Arabic Theater studies. *Not during the Summer break. 
  • English classes for elementary school children in the Bedouin villages of Kaabiya and Zarzir, learning English as a third language (after Arabic and Hebrew). *Not during the Summer break.
  • Work with adults with special needs in Beit Elisha, rehabilitative community in Harduf, in stables, ceramics, vegetable garden, bakery or cafe that they run. 
  • Beit Tuvia – working with children and youth at-risk who have been removed from their homes. *Not during the Summer break. 


  • Work in the organic farms of Kibbutz Harduf, one of the primary producers of organic food in Israel.
  • Work in the forest – bio dynamic garden, ecological buildings (dormitories etc, group activity rooms, ecological bathrooms).

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Local Need

Harduf is a unique kibbutz in northern Israel, living side-by-side with the local Bedouin population. TEN Harduf’s primary volunteer location is in the Bedouin village of Kaabiya. The local Bedouin population we serve is classified by a number of risk factors, including a low socio-economic level, limited educational facilities, and high unemployment rates. We seek to enhance opportunities for children and youth from these villages through informal education and community engagement.

The TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf is dedicated to co-existence programs between Jews and Arabs, and volunteering with special needs Kibbutz residents and local Arab and Jewish populations. The primary needs of the local community include reinforcement for youth-at-risk from the Tuvia rehabilitative boarding school, Beit Elisha Center for special needs adults, and with young people from the neighboring Bedouin villages—both within schools and in after-school frameworks.

Local Partners

  •   Masa-Tlalim

Masa-Tlalim works to make it as easy as possible for young Jewish adults to go to Israel. They offer grants and scholarships to help make the experience more affordable. All Masa-Tlalim participants are eligible to apply for universal grants and need-based scholarships towards the cost of the program.

Masa-Tlalim is a leading provider of Israel-based programs funded by Masa Israel. Masa-Tlalim is a part of Tlalim Group, a pioneer of Israeli tourism for the past 30 years. They are also part of Authentic Israel, the parent company of Israel Outdoors Birthright.

Take a look at Masa-Tlalim Grant and Scholarship Policy to find out more about eligibility criteria and for information about what you’ll need to apply. For more information: http://www.masa-tlalim.com

  •   Sha’ar L’Adam

Sha'ar La'Adam was founded in 2002 during an encounter between Jewish and Arab residents of villages in the Galilee, which gave rise to a slightly different reality, one based on many years' relationship between neighbors from varied ethnic backgrounds. Thus the idea was born, to found a place where people from various cultures can meet and learn from each other, out of an obligation to share and create together resources, knowledge and culture. In recent years, we have been witnessing a vision turning into reality. Project TEN, together with Sha'ar La'Adam has created an educational community center, in which connections and relationships develop between various cultures, whilst respecting and valuing the people and nature around us. For more information: http://www.adam-insan.org.il

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